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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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Green Teachers Orientation on Earthian Schools Programme


earthian 2016 

May 20, 2016


ENVIS Centre, Forest Environment & Wildlife Management Department in collaboration with WIPRO Bengaluru conducted a one day green teacher’s training programme for 80 schools of the State on 20th May 2016 at Sidkeong Tulku Forest Conference Hall, Deorali Gangtok.



Sponsored by the Bengaluru based IT giant WIPRO as a part of sustainable environment initiative, the earthian schools programme was introduced to 80 schools across the State as an action based eco-club activity for the 2016 session. WIPRO associate Mr Ashish Shah, the resource person for the training programme highlighted the earthian schools programme focusing on water and biodiversity management at the school level as an ongoing effort to prepare younger generation to understand current environmental challenges and build knowledge and skills through action oriented projects.


The training cum orientation programme would enable Sikkim schools to participate and compete at the national level for the current year. It is to mention that during 2015, Government Secondary School Bongten from West Sikkim was awarded the Nation’s Best Earthian School by WIPRO with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh and certificate.