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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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Asian Waterbird Census in Sikkim

Asian Water Bird Census

Maiden Asian Waterbird Census in Sikkim

February 12, 2022: Sikkim Biodiversity Board conducted Asian Waterbird Census 2022 at three sites simultaneously viz. Teesta River (along Singtam-Bardang stretch in East District), Rangit river (covering part of Kitam Bird Sanctuary in South Disctrict) and Khecheopalri lake in West Disctrict with the expert support and guidance from Bombay Natural History Society (Sikkim Field Station), Zoology Department, Sikkim University and Sikkim Ornithological Society.


The experts invovled were Nosang Limboo, Chewang Bompo,Sonam Pintso Sherpa, Dr. Sailendra Dewan, Bishal Thakuri, Atharva Singh and Dr. Himandri Mondal. The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) is a citizen science based waterbird monitoring programme which was actively participated by the members of the Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs) of West Pendam, Central Pendam, Kitam-Manpur and Thingling-Khecheopalri GPU, Kitam based local organization Falcon and Khecheoplari Pokhari Sangrakshan Samiti. The AWC 2022 was coordinated by DFO Bhumika Pradhan and Dr. Bharat Kumar Pradhan, Scientific Associate from Sikkim Biodiversity Board. 


During the AWC, some rare and important water bird and dependent bird species were recorded from the three sites such as Pallas's Gull, Common Merganser, Black Tailed Crake, Ibis Bill, River Lapwing, Indian Pond Heron, Little Egret, White-throated Kingfisher, Great Cormorant, Plumbeous water Redstart, White-capped Redstart, White Wagtail and Grey Wagtail.


It is for the first time that Asian Waterbird Census have been conducted in the State with the involvment of government departrment, local and national NGOs, Central University and the local community.