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| Last Updated:: 22/10/2019

Solid Waste

The Government of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests has framed Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000 and notified the same in September, 2000 making it mandatory fro all the municipal authorities in the country and those responsible for managing the municipal solid waste in the country to implement the Rules.

The Government of Sikkim (State Government) has also passed numerous gazette notifications in respect to the management of Municipal Waste in the State. They are regarding making Sikkim a plastic free state, segregation of waste and handling of waste, making MG Marg a litter and spit free zone etc. Waste generation .for the City of Gangtok is approximately 390 grams/capita/day. This includes all types of wastes such ass domestic waste, commercial waste, construction and demolition waste, market waste, street sweepings etc. It is estimated that the waste generation per day in the Gangtok and adjoining area is approximately 45 Metric Tonne per day (MT/day).

Sikkim Municipality

  1. Gangtok Municipal Corporation
  2. Singtam Nagar Panchayat
  3. Rangpo Nagar Panchayat
  4. Namchi Municipal Corporation
  5. Jorethang Nagar Panchayat
  6. Gyalshing Nagar Panchayat
  7. Mangan Nagar Panchayat

Solid Waste Management Handbook: Click the download link below


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