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| Last Updated:: 01/09/2023



» Kitam Ecotourism Festival March 29-31, 2023: new DFO(WL) speaks with media | Rural fest in news media

» Sikkim Ecotourism awarded as Most Exclusive Leisure Product TTF 2019 new

» Conclave on Innovation and Progress of Ecotourism in Sikkim held 

» Greater Rangit Ecotourism Project, South Sikkim 

» Ban on use of recorded bird calls/ song playback in WPAs of Sikkim (Notification dated 16/04/2019)






Sikkim Ecotourism Campiagn 2016

Sikkim Ecotourism Zones new


The Directorate of Ecotourism under the Forest, Envorinment and Wildlife Management Department has identified and demarcated 11 areas in Sikkim as ecotourism zones. Further the State Government of Sikkim has approved and notified them as ecotourism zones to be developed under JICA assisted Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project (SBFP). These ecotourism zones are considered to be the core intervention areas and through structured interventions they will be developed as model ecotourism areas during the project period.
In terms of the geographical coverage, the selected ecotourism zones are spread across all the 4 districts of the state. The map representation indicates the list of ecotourism zones being selected and developed under the ecotourism component of SBFP. During the course of the project period, the project will extend support to the selected ecotourism zones in the areas of product & package development, training and capacity building, stakeholder partnership & departmental convergence, infrastructure development, promotion & marketing and solid waste management system.


»  See Details


For more details contact:

DFO (Ecotourism),

Directorate of Ecotourism,

Jica assisted Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project (SBFP)

Forest Secretariat, Deorali, Gangtok




Organizational Manual of Sikkim Ecotourism Directorate new


This organizational manual refers to the Sikkim State Directorate of Ecotourism and it lays down the codes and procedures related to the functioning of the Directorate. It covers various aspects of the organisation like organisational objectives, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of various organisational positions which are synced to the fulfillment of organisational goals and objectives. Broadly this Manual provides guidelines, instructions and norms for efficient working of the organization and execution and supervision of various works.


The draft of this organizational manual is published in this website for seeking suggestions, comments and feedback from the general public and ecotourism stakeholders within 60 (sixty) days from the published date.


Published date: 25th June, 2016

Last Date for Submission of Comments/ Suggestions/ Fedback:  25th August, 2016


 » See the Draft Organizational Manual of Sikkim State Directorate of Ecotourism 


Trek Route Development in Sikkim

 Trek Route Development in Sikkim - General Guidelines Manual 


Prepared by


Directoratre of Ecotourism,

Jica assisted Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project (SBFP),

Forests, Environment & Wildlife Management Department

Government of Sikkim


» To Read or Download Click here [Released on 05-06-2016]













Tinjurey Ecotourism Festival 2016 


Pangthang, Gangtok, East Sikkim

The Directorate of Ecotourism, under the department of Forest, Environment & Wildlife Management, Government of Sikkim in association with ecotourism stakeholders are organising for the second time a two days Tinjurey Ecotourism Festival on March 12-13, 2016 at Pangthang, Gangtok, East Sikkim.


With an immense success of the first festival which was organised during March 28-29, 2015, the festival this year is also expected to attract tourists, students and environment and tourism enthusiasts in thousands.


The main attractions are bird watching, trekking, ethnic food, cultural shows, dances, environment awareness, photography, nature trails, village tours, traditional sports,  etc.


» See the Festival Brochure  


For more details, contact:


Ecotourism Marketing Cell,

Jica assisted Sikkim Biodiversity Conservation and Forest Management Project (SBFP)

Forest Secretariat, Deorali, Gangtok

9800895931  |  9593782084





» Okharey Ecotourism Festival October 17-19, 2015
» Tinjurey Ecotourism Fesival March 28-29, 2015
» Directorate of Ecotourism - Sikkim




Nature Based Festivals of Sikkim Handbook on Nature Based Festivals of Sikkim

This Handbook on Nature based Festivals of Sikkim is an attempt to facilitate ecotourism by show casing at a glance the diversity of Sikkimese culture as represented by an array of festivals. Festivals and fairs are popular tourism products which attract tourists from distant places. There are many nature-based festivals celebrated in the state. Capturing some of the important nature based festivals, this handbook is envisioned as an information source about the various festivals, their background, important festivities and rituals, festival venues, dates, etc. I hope that this handbook on nature based festivals of Sikkim will benefit tourists, tourism industry partners and all others concerned, as they explore this unique land and its people.
» To Read or Download Click here [Published/ Released on 05-06-2015]


Ecotourism Policy Sikkim Ecotourism Policy : Jan 2012
- Preamble
- Policy Vision
- Policy Objectives
- Key Principles of Sikkim Ecotourism
- Definition related to Sikkim Ecotourism
- Sikkim Ecotourism Council
- Strategies of Sikkim Ecotourism Development
- Guidelines for Sikkim Ecotourism

» To Read or Download Click here [PDF, 4.34 Mb] Published on 20-01-2012

» Also See: Sikkim Tourism Policy 2018 new Click here [Source: Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim]

» Sikkim Himalayan Homestay  (Courtesy: ECOSS)

Experience and live with the people of different mountain communities of Sikkim.Travel to the pure and pristine settings of Sikkim, a distinctive rural ecotourism destination. Mesmerize yourself with the untainted lands and traditional lifestyles of the land and its people.
Experience a Homestay with a local family. Share with the people their local lifestyles close to nature and culture. Visit ancient Buddhist monasteries; participate in bird watching trails, treks, adventure activities, cultural festivals & natural wonders of Sikkim. Read More
Sikkim State Government constitutes committees for ensuring scientific management of Khangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve
» Read Notification [Dec 2010]
Exotic Holidays
Monalisha Dash,
North Sikkim is the largest and beautiful district of Sikkim. The natural beauty of the place is vast and beyond any explanation. North Sikkim is like a stupendous stairway leading from Western Border of the Tibetan Plateau down to the low lying area of Dikchu. Because of its location, it is decorated with the salubrious forest. Thus North Sikkim is endowed with nature’s bounty.

Muguthang is a small hamlet on the bank of River Naku Chhu...
Read More
MAENAM TREKKING TRAIL The Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the northern comer of South district. The main entry points being, Ravangla, Lingmoo and Ralang. Tourists generally prefer Ravangla since it is easily approachable by road and private tourist lodges exist. Ravangla is 26 km by road from Namchi, South Sikkim and 65 km from Gangtok via Singtam... Read More

Entry Fees
Ecotourism Destinations
Trekking in Sikkim

Trekking Routes of Sikkim See the table below:

Sl. No. Name of Important Trek Places Covered Suitable Month for Trek
1 Monastic Trek Pemayantse-Sangacholing, Khecheopalri-Dubdi -Sinon-Tashiding - Ralong March-May/Oct-Dec
2 Rhododendron Trek Naya Bazar-Hilley/Soreng
Dentam- Pemayangtse Varsey
3 Khangchendzonga Trek Yuksom-Bakim-Tsokha- Dzongri- Lamune and Back Mid March-Mid May
Mid Oct to Mid Dec
4 Coronation Trek Rumtek-sang- Yangang
5 Areylungchok-Dzongri Trek Labdong-Kasturi Urar- Chamrey- Thangsing- Lamune- Dzongri- Yuksom Mid March-Mid May
Mid Oct to Mid Dec
6 Yambong Singalila Trek Nambu- Chongri- Yambomg- Dzongri- Thangsing- Lamune- Dzongri- Yuksom Mid March-Mid May
Mid Oct to Mid Dec
7 Narsing Himal Trek Borong- Pokhri- Thumki- Phedi Urar- Tin Devanay and Rani Taar Mid March-Mid May
Mid Oct to Mid Dec
8 Tholung - Kishong Trek Bay- Tholung- Tholpe- Dawathang- Shingo- Thepala- Pach Pokhri Mid March-Mid May
Mid Oct to Mid Dec
Source: Sikkim in Brief 2005, DESME


An Ecological Study of Pastoralism in the Khangchendzonga National Park
This study is an attempt to address the concerns raised about the sustainability of pastoralism and its peaceful coexistence.


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