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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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World Peacock Day celebrated at Kitam

World Peacock Day celebrated at Kitam 

Novermber 15, 2022 | Kitam, Namchi District, Sikkim: Namchi Wildlife Division of Forest and Environment Department, Government of Sikkim celebrated World Peacock Day on 15th of November 2022 at Kitam, Namchi District. The programme organised at Munal Community Hall at Kitam was participated by 61 students of Class XI & XII of Kitam Government Senior Secondary School. They were accompanied by their class teachers, PGT Science teachers and Vice Principal Mrs Pratima Subba who was the chief guest on the occasion. All the Environment Assistants, Field staffs of the Kitam Bird Sanctuary were also present in the program. The event was organised as per the direction of the ACS-cum-PCCF and the Chief Wildlife Warden. This is the first World Peacock Day celebrated this time.


The Indian Biodiversity Conservation Society (IBCS) jointly with World Pheasant Association United Kingdom came up with the idea to dedicate 15th November every year as World Peocock Day just like other important celebrated days. Peocock was declared as National Bird of our country India in the year 1963 and it has been 59 years since then. Peacock has been enlisted in Schedule I of Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Conservation and protection of  Peacock has not been much of concern because it is abundantly available in the fringe villages of the forest as well as in the Protected Areas. Peacock have been facing serious threats like poaching for its feather and meat as well as mass poisoning by the local farmers/villagers due to man peacock conflict (crop raiding).


Head FG Mr. Ajay Kunwar conducted the programme. ACF Kitam Bird Sanctuary Mrs Hari Maya Thapa addressed and welcomed all the guest and invitees. Mr. TB Subba DFO Namchi Wildlife Division addressed with all the background information, aims and objectives of the World Peacock Day. He also made a power point presentation about the values, different peacock species and its worldwide distribution, its characterictics, conservation values, its legal status and present threat. He also ensured to raise awareness among the local villagers through the participation of Kitam Government Senior School students. Mr. Roshan Kaushik General Secretary of FALCON (Fraternity for Avian Life conservation) of Kitam made a brief presentation on the Birds of Kitam Bird Sanctuary. As per his presentation there are 170 birds as per his check list. There are 9 bird watchers working in FALCON organisation Kitam. They also do bird watching guide as and when necessary. 


The event intended to raise awareness on the importance of the day and need for conservation and protection of the National Bird Peacock. The event was organised at Kitam as peacock was abundantly found in the region, also Kitam being the only bird sanctuary of the State.


Source: Namchi Wildife Division