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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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Status Report on Forest Nurseries 2020-21


CM's message Release of Book on 'Status Report on Forest Nurseries as on 2020-21"

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Sikkim ENVIS Report


On the occasion of World Ozone Day (Spetember 16, 2020), Honourable Minister Forest Shri Karma Loday Bhutia today released a book publication on “Status Report of Forest Nurseries 2020-21” in presence of Principal Secretary cum PCCF Shri M L Srivastava and senior officers of the Forest and Environment Department.


 The Honorable Minister mentioned that a commendable initiative has been taken up by the Research and Extension sector of the department by coming out with detailed status report of forest nurseries in the state of Sikkim as in the current financial year i.e. 2020-21. This includes inter alia, the past and present history, soil and water analysis, current seedling stock and prescription for further improvement and so on. “I am sure this will be immensely beneficial for the practicing foresters, researchers, academicians, scientists and general public. The entire team deserve kudos and profound congratulations” he added. The report has been prepared under the supervision of Shri Chewang Tashi Bhutia, Assistant Conservator of Forest and his team comprising of Shri Robish Pradhan (Tour In-charge), Shri Ramesh Sharma and Shri. Passang Dawa Tamang.



Book Released on the occasion:


» Status of Forest Nurseries 2020-21  [PDF, 5.6 Mb]