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| Last Updated:14/05/2024

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Earthian Schools Teacher's Orientation Programme held


Day 1

Picture (Day 1): Teacher participants from South and West District along with Pr. Secretary -cum-PCCF and Resource Persons


Sikkim ENVIS Hub at Forest and Environment Department in collaboration with WIPRO Bengaluru conducted green teacher’s orientation programme on earthian school programme focussing on sustainability of water, biodiversity and waste for about 140 schools across of the State at Forest Conference Hall on 2nd and 3rd of September, 2019.


The orientation programme was inaugurated by the Principal Secretary-cum-PCCF Shri M. L. Srivastava also attended by the Director (Environment & Soil Conservation) Shri B B Gurung,  Joint Director (ENVIS) Smt. Kusum Gurung in an event coordinated by the Senior Programme Officer Shri Rajen Pradhan. Highlighting the global concerns of mitigating climate change, the Principal Secretary Forests shared technical insights on national and international climate action and mentioned about the significant role of teachers as green ambassadors through active engagement of school eco clubs. The Director Environment in his address mentioned that the protection and conservation of environment is everybody’s concern and teachers and students through the eco-club programme should act as primary agents for reaching awareness at schools, homes and at neighbourhood level.


WIPRO associate Mr Ashish Shah, the resource person for the orientation programme highlighted the earthian schools programme focusing on sustainability of water, biodiversity and waste at the school level as an ongoing effort to bring younger generation closer to nature and build knowledge and skills through action oriented projects. Sponsored by the Bengaluru based IT giant WIPRO as a part of sustainable environment initiative, the earthian schools orientation programme was organised as a part of National Green Corps School Eco-Club programme.



Day 2

Picture (Day 2): Teacher participants from North and East District along with Resource Persons