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| Last Updated:25/05/2017

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Public Hearing Report of 25 MW Rahi Kyoung HEP, Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim


Public hearing

Public Hearing Report of 25 MW Rahi Kyoung HEP, Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim


Foreword: M/s Sikkim Engineering Pvt. Ltd. proposes to construct a 25 MW hydro‐electric project by harnessing the water of River Rahi Kyoung, near village Saffo in the North District of Sikkim. Rahi Kyoung Hydro Electric Project is a Run‐of‐the‐River type development envisaging utilization of about 375 m of gross head available in the Rahi Chu River which is a tributary of the Tolung Chu River that confluences with the Teesta River in the Eastern State of Sikkim. The installed capacity of the project would be 25 MW comprising three generating units, each of 8.33 MW capacity. The diversion structure of trench weir type would be located close to Pakyel Village. The aerial distance of the trench weir from Pakyel village would be about 900 m and that from Saffo village would be about 2.8 km. The difference in altitude between the weir site and the Pakyel village would be about 400 m whereas that between the weir site and the Saffo village would be about 800 m.


Since Rahi Kyoung Hydro Electric Project is of small hydro category (25 MW), therefore annual energy and load factor of the project was estimated on the basis of 75% dependability. Relevant information on base‐line environment was collected, necessities of forest and environmental clearance were elucidated, and outlines of
environmental management plan and disaster management plan were provided.



Construction and equipment planning has been carried out and period of construction of the project has been assessed. Quantities of various works have been estimated, and costing of the project was done on the basis of rates of basic materials as prevalent in the region close to the project. Necessary financial analysis was carried out to compute the levellised tariff, and economic evaluation of the project was done to assess the Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value and Benefit‐Cost ratio.


The Government of India vide notification S.O. No. 1533 (E) dated 14th September 2006 has made public hearing mandatory for hydro‐electric projects prior to its commencement. Hence, this public hearing 18th (Eighteenth) of its kind in the State of Sikkim was conducted by State Pollution Control Board ‐ Sikkim on 20th April 2017 at
Saffo Gumpa Ground, Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim.


The views, comments, suggestions and the observations of the public along with written suggestions received from the people of the area who have a plausible stake in the environment aspects of the project activities have been incorporated in this Report. The Report, I hope shall be of great help for the Project Developers and the
Management Authorities for keeping necessary mitigative measures considering the larger interest of the Public, their feelings and the safeguard of the environment.



C.S. Rao, IFS
Member Secretary
State Pollution Control Board - Sikkim.


pdf See the Public Hearing Report [1.53 Mb]


Posted on 25th May, 2017






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