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| Last Updated:06/04/2017

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Latest News

Public Hearing Notice


25MW Rahi Kyoung HEP Public Hearing Notice of 25 MW Rahi Kyoung HEP, North Sikkim



Public Hearing Date: April 20, 2017 (10 AM Onwards)

Public Hearing Venue: Saffo Gumpa Ground, Saffo Village,North Sikkim


M/s Sikkim Engineering Pvt. Ltd proposes to constuct a 25 MW Hydro-Electric Project by harnessing the water of river Rahi Kyoung, near Saffo village in the North District of Sikkim.



For Details See:


»  Salient Features of 25MW Rahi Kyoung HEP

»  Executive Summary of 25W Rahi Kyoung HEP



Posted on 6th April, 2017