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| Last Updated:24/03/2017

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Sikkim Flower Show Competition Held

Flower Show 2017


The Customary Annual Sikkim Flower Show Competition at the Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal Memorial Park


The Honourable Chief Minister Shri.Pawan Chamling inagurated the customary annual Sikkim Flower Show Competition 2017 at the Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal Memorial Park, Gangtok on the 19th March 2017 at 11:00 AM. Also present during the ocassion was Shri. Somnath Poudyal. Minister and Shri. Phintso Chopel, Parliamentary Secretary along with Heads of Department and other officers. The prize money for the show was sponsered by the Department of Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department, Governmnet of Sikkim under Sikkim Ecology Fund and Environment Cess jointly with  Sikkim Flower Show Committee. The objective of the show isfor encouraging people to participate in conservation of Orchids  in the Himalayan region and to develop an alternate means of livelihood.


The Competition was in two main categories as follows:

·         Division A:Special Division: “SikkimFlower Festival Orchid Award 2017”

·         Division B: Display of species orchid minimum 50 species


The results in the two categories are as under:


1.       Division A: "Display of 50 pots Cymbidium Hybrids

·         First Prize: Rs 1,00,000/- Shri. Karma Tempa and Sangay Tsering Bhutia of Pakyong

·         Second Prize: Rs 50,000/- Darjeeling G. Lowianum  Orchid Society, Pokhriabung

·         Third Prize: Rs 30,000/- Shri. Prem Kumar Dahal, Namcheybung, Naibutar

·         Fourth Prize: Rs 25,000/- Shri. Kumar Yonzon, Pakyong

·         Fifth Prize : Rs.10,000/- Shri. Karma Bhutia and Samten Dorjee Gurung, Pakyong



2.       Division B: Species Orchid 50 different species

·         First Prize: Rs 35,000/- Shri. Sangay Gyampo Bhutia, Karthok

·         Second Prize: Rs 25,000/- Tie between Shri. Samten Dorjee Gurung and Shri. Tenzing Ongchu Sherpa (12500/- each)

·         Third Prize: Rs 15,000/- Shri. Karma Bhutia and Shri. Bhim Bahadur Subba of Karthok, Pakyong

·         Fourth Prize: Rs 10,000/- Smt. Dhan Maya Gurung, South Karthok

·         Fifth Prize: Rs. 6000/- Shri.Bikram Chettri, Namcheybung

·         SixthPrize : Rs. 5000/- Shri. Arjun Subba of Pakyong