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| Last Updated:25/06/2016

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Organizational Manual of Sikkim Ecotourism Directorate



This organizational manual refers to the Sikkim State Directorate of Ecotourism and it lays down the codes and procedures related to the functioning of the Directorate. It covers various aspects of the organisation like organisational objectives, organisational structure, roles and responsibilities of various organisational positions which are synced to the fulfillment of organisational goals and objectives. Broadly this Manual provides guidelines, instructions and norms for efficient working of the organization and execution and supervision of various works.


The draft of this organizational manual is published in this website for seeking suggestions, comments and feedback from the general public and ecotourism stakeholders within 60 (sixty) days from the published date.


Published date: 25th June, 2016

Last Date for Submission of Comments/ Suggestions/ Fedback:  25th August, 2016


» See the Draft Organizational Manual of Sikkim State Directorate of Ecotourism new