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| Last Updated:08/02/2016

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Latest News

ENVIS activities at SECAS


SECAS Visit ENVIS activities at SECAS


December 30-31, 2015

Sikkim State ENVIS team travelled down 120 kms from Gangtok to reach the nearest railway station New Jalpaiguri (NJP) to take the opportunity to highlight ENVIS activities during SECAS visit on 30-31 Dec, 2015.



The activities included;

  • Awareness on Low Carbon Lifestyle
  • Signature Campaign on environment pledge. Around 1200 signatures obtained.
  • Exhibition and distribution of ENVIS information products: Quarterly newsletters, PANDA newsletter, Pamphlets on Climate Change (Stop Climate Change, Play Your Part), Pamphlet on Solid Waste Management practices, Booklet on Environmental Initiatives of Sikkim, DVDs (Understanding our Environment) containing five award winning documentary films.
  • In-person quiz and return gift on correct answer for Kids/ students
  • Interactions/ talking to people/ taking their views/ suggestions
  • Facilitating visitors specially Sikkim School Students and Teachers


From about 15000 visitors in two days, approximately 80% visited our exhibition stall as we were positioned at the entrance. Despite being out of printed materials on the second day, visitors were keen to take note of our website to learn more about Sikkim’s environmental initiatives and its status.

On interacting with the visitors about 95% agreed that our environment is at great concern and we should act on it. They even signed on the environment pledge. Rest 5% believed that our mother nature can revive by itself and we human can hardly do anything but face the consequences.


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