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| Last Updated:: 27/10/2017

Water Quality





The Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi initiated the National Water Quality Monitoring Programme to consistently monitor the water quality in a systematic manner to know the nature and extent of water quality degradations and the existing quality of water in the water bodies. The national programme is also termed as Monitoring of Indian National Aquatic Resources (MINARS). Under the MINARS programme the State Pollution Control Board, Sikkim collects water samples from River Teesta and its tributaries at nine stations. This program is totally funded by Central Pollution Control Board. The details of sampling Stations are as follows:


SN.      Name of Station (station code)       Location (Latitude & Longitude)

1.        Chungthang (1801)                             Lat.88°39'0" Long. 27°36'0"

2.        Dikchu (1802)                                       Lat.88°31 '30" Long. 27°23'44"

3.        Burtuk (1803)                                        Lat. 88°31 '30" Long. 27°21 '30"

4.        Adampool (1804)                                 Lat. 88°35'15" Long. 27°18'30"

5.        Ranipool (1805)                                   Lat. 88°35'45" Long. 27°17'15"

6.        Singtam (1806)                                    Lat. 88°29'45" Long. 27°13'45"

7.        Singtam D.S (1807)                            Lat. 88°29'44" Long. 27°13'44"

8.        Rangpo (1808)                                    Lat. 88031'45" Long. 27°10'8"


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