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| Last Updated:: 28/01/2021



no to firecrackersMinimal pollution during Deepawali festival 2020


The State Pollution Control Board (SPCB), Sikkim carried out a special monitoring of Ambient Air Quality  and Noise pollution during Deepawali festival at two locations in the state capital viz.  Deorali, Forest Secretariat  and M.G. Marg (Titanic Park) in Gangtok, EastSikkim for a period of 15 days between 7th of November, 2020 to 21st of November, 2020 to assess the level of pollution in three phases i.e pre-Deepawali, Deepawali and post-Deepawali.


As per the data generated during the monitoring programme, it was found that the level of ambient air pollution was quite low and largely remained unaffected during the Deepawali festival. The figures were well within the Air Quality Standard notified by the Central Government. Accordingly, the AQI was between Good and Satisfactory.


The SPCB Sikkim had further brought out Appeal in the Newspaper soliciting cooperation from general public to prevent all form of pollution including Noise Pollution. Also, Holdings and Pamplets were also distributed throughout the state for generating awareness on the matter.



» Data on AQI/ Ambient Air Quality in Sikkim State during Deepawali 2020 new

» Data on Noise level in Sikkim State during Deepawali 2020 new




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Source: State Pollution Control Board, Sikkim