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| Last Updated:: 11/12/2017

Air Quality

Gangtok-Hospital dara


To prevent, control and abate air pollution in the country, the Government of India enacted Central legislation called the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 (referred to as the Air Act, 1981). Every polluting industry must obtain a consent from the State Pollution Control Board for the discharge of air pollut­ants in any form through chimney or otherwise. The State Board may lay down suitable conditions while giving consent to discharge air pollutants in the light of emis­sion standards developed by the Central Board, subsequently notified through the rules framed under the Environment (pro­tection) Act, 1986 Rules.






Weekly Ambient Air Quality Data (Air Quality Index and Average PM10, SO2, NO2) across Sikkim State at 8 (Eight) stations. new

» Ambient Air Quality Data for period November 28 & November 30, 2017
» Ambient Air Quality Data for period November 21 & November 23, 2017
» Ambient Air Quality Data for period November 07 & November 9, 2017
» Ambient Air Quality Data for period October 31 & November 2, 2017





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National Air  Monitoring Programme Sikkim Data (Jan-Aug 2017) new

Ambient Air Quality of Seven Other Locations of Sikkim (Oct, 2016) 

 Industrial Air Quality of Sikkim (2015-16)